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Games can be more. At LuGus Studios, we create games and experiences that are clever, beautiful, innovative and fun. Our games incorporate art, education, culture, medicine, history, science, and all things that go beyond mere entertainment.

With our team of talented professionals, we use innovative technology to a great extent and can efficiently develop games for a variety of platforms such as PC, Mac, mobile devices and the web.

LuGus Studios foresees a bright future for the burgeoning Belgian game industry and would love to help put it on the world map. Our team members share a passion for games, creative processes and a commitment to our industry.

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Liftoff is a game that translates the rush of first-person view drone racing to the digital world. Join the biggest community for virtual FPV racing!

Liftoff is the gateway to the quadcopter racing scene, a platform both for pilots with real-life experience and for gamers who are still unfamiliar with the new sport. Veterans can explore new environments or race one another, while newcomers can hone their flying skills before taking to the field.

Liftoff is developed by LuGus Studios, a small game development studio from Hasselt, Belgium. Since its first release in 2015, Liftoff has become the leading drone racing game on the market and has been picked up by over 80 000 pilots in 127 countries. The project continues to receive regular content and feature updates and includes detailed flight simulation, online multiplayer racing, tools for players to customize their drone or build their own race tracks, and a multitude of drone hardware configurations and environments to explore. It is used both by veterans and newcomers to the sport and has even made appearances as a clue on the American game show Jeopardy! and in the Netflix series Marseille.

PC, Mac and Linux

Features & Content

  • Freeflight, race and freestyle game mode.
  • Tutorials and a fun and easy to use calibration system.
  • 16 different frames, all exact replicas of real life products.
  • 10 unique, high quality environments to explore
  • Advanced track editor and Steam workshop integration.
  • Workbench that allows you to completely customize every aspect of your drone (all results in flight behavior changes)
  • Advanced simulation based on setup, flight controller settings and deep simulation systems.
  • Betaflight inspired FC simulation.
  • Damage and battery simulation.
  • Popular multiplayer with different game modes.
  • Liftoff Pro League e-sports system completely integrated into Liftoff.
  • Player profile system (upcoming player progression and rewards)
  • Global Leaderboards
    Weekly tournaments with prizes.


  • Sold in 127 countries.
  • Current installbase 80.000.
  • 12.000 unique players last month.
  • Available since 2015.
  • Update on average every 10 days (85 free updates so far).
  • More than 2500 community created racetracks.
  • More than 500.000 unique drone setups can be created in the Workbench.
  • 85% positive user score on Steam.

Fun facts:

  • Liftoff was a $1600 clue on episode of the popular American TV show Jeopardy!
  • Liftoff got a few seconds of fame on the popular Netflix series Marseille.
  • Liftoff was a top team sponsor for one of the competing teams on the DR1 racing series aired on Fox and Eurosport.
  • Liftoff won a Comenius-EduMedia seal celebrating the educational value of the simulator.


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