Black Land Studio

Black Land Studio is a three members independent game developer set in Mons, Belgium. Expert in rum tasting, pirates insults and sword fighting, the studio is currently working on Shipbreakers, their first commercial project.

The company was founded by Arnaud, Guillaume and Arnaud (yes, two Arnaud in the team. Stay focus) in January 2017. Brought together by their shared passion for strong coffee (black, no sugar) and presumptuously convinced that they have something to add to the game world, they decided to create amazing games.

Focusing on neat mechanisms, easy to grasp concepts and strong visual identity, the studio creates fun games on PC and consoles.

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Ahoy, buccaneers. Tear apart the seven seas in Black Land Studio’s fast paced arcade shooter SHIPBREAKERS!

In a treacherous world where cannonballs flight around the tiny globe and lasers bend, take your ship and battle endless waves of deadly enemies to become the fiercest pirate in History. Hurry now! Let’s plunder treasures, steal boats and crazy weapons, gather new crew members and face the ignominious threats hiding in the depth of the sea.

Release Date: 2019

Genre : Action

Platform : PC, Linux, Mac & Xbox One

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